October 6, 2007

Yes! Another full day to work on the plane. It's nice to finally be home for a weekend. My friend, Pascale came over to work on her rib a little bit today. She didn't have much time so she worked on drawing some of the gussets for a little bit. I worked on cleaning up the ribs from yesterday first.

I love seeing that stack of ribs grow so I took a bunch of pictures of the ol' stack o' ribs. It's getting bigger. All that is missing are the 5 ribs yet to be completed by my friends. Of course, I will have another rib stack picture when those are done.

I wanted to hammer out the last few aileron and flap ribs to add to the symbolism or finishing the last wing ribs today so that's what I worked on the rest of the day. Again, I just traced the plans onto the wood with a pounce wheel and used the bandsaw very carefully for the concave edges, cleaned up the cut with a sanding block, and used the sanding disc for the other edges. Once I had one, I just traced that to make the other one. Here's the ones I finished today, followed by the stack of all the finished aileron and flap ribs. Again, the station 7 and 8 ones are still to be done by my friends.

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