July 27, 2007

Another task that has been lying around for a while. I finally varnished and glued the closing plywood cover and rib for the second station 2 rib.

Also, I felt like it was time to test the Aerolite glue again. The picture helps me illustrate my points. When I did this 8 months ago, I couldn't get the maple test block to pass the test after curing for two weeks. I was satisfied back then because my spruce test block passed with flying colors. I got the same results this time with the spruce passing and the maple failing, with the 2 week cure. BUT, I did a test block back then that I didn't break, so it's had 8 months to cure. Glued at the same time as the maple one that failed after two weeks cure, same batch. It passed easily after curing for that long. So maybe two weeks isn't long enough to wait but it would seem that the glue just gets stronger with time. That makes me not too worried about the two week cure maple failure and I'm still getting good results with all of the spruce test blocks.

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