June 11, 2007

Got to work on the little wedges and structural additions for the station 2 rib. There were a lot of these little guys and it took much longer than I thought it would.

I had to do some rearranging at the front part of the rib to add in the structure that supports the aileron cable pulleys. The back diagonal piece was in the wrong place and I had to move the little capstrip holding pieces of wood. One tricky thing here is that the blueprints don't really show the up and down piece of wood that I put below the front diagonal. It just shows the top one. To me, it looks like the bracket hole isn't quite encapsulated by the diagonal wood, so I added that lower piece. I don't know if it would have caused a problem but the way I did it doesn't look like it will get in the way of anything.

I definitely think this is the most complicated of all the ribs in the plane, lots of little bits to keep in mind. Have to concentrate when looking at the blueprints. This rib will be ready to glue once I prepare the plywood gussets and covers.

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