May 25, 2007

I used a new method to transfer the lines to plywood. I didn't want to take the rib out of the jig until one plywood side was glued on and I wanted to take the freshly glued rib out to clean off the undried glue from the other side, so I needed staple lines. I couldn't just glue on the other side because the insides need to be varnished first. I asked how other people did this on George's forum and he said he used tracing paper and soft lead to transfer lines around. Here is the first step.

Step two, after which I realized that I needed to repeat this step on the opposite side to get the staple lines on the right side.

This was the last step I needed to finish before it was ready to glue so off I went.

I cleaned off the other side so it will be ready to varnish and glue.

I also recently got some nose rib wood so I transferred the lines for station 1. I also am measuring out where the lightening hole will go.

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