May 13, 2007

Today was mostly a thinking day. Planning out how I want to make this rib. I think I'm going to do the front like I did before with station 3 with the opposite inboard plywood webs. For the back of the rib, I may glue the rib first and cover it later. Seems like an easy way. As for the main spar opening, I'll just build the rib as if it wasn't even there. It will make more sense as I go along. I'm curious to see if the rib capstrips can follow the curves at the back end of the rib. Maybe I'll have to soak the back end of the bottom capstrip too. I do have to pre-bend the front end of the rib which is not always that easy.

I did work a little on the front gussets and plywood web and some more aileron ribs. I also drilled all the vent holes in the finished flap and aileron ribs.

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