March 11, 2007

Today was a beautiful day. Great for the first day of our new earlier daylight savings time here in the US. I glued the second rib 9. It took me about an hour.

I also loaded in the good capstrip to the top portion of the rib 3 drawing. The capstrip was bent perfectly, which means I was not over-bending it. I guess the splitting while bending just means the wood isn't flexible enough from my boiling method. I don't believe I'm trying to bend it past the published bend radius for this thickness of spruce. My friend has a clothes steamer that I'm going to borrow and see if that gives me better results. From what I've read steaming the wood is the best way to make it bendable.

Sorry, no pictures. My camera's CCD sensor is on the fritz. The good news is, it's a recognized defect and will be repaired for free. The bad news is that I sent it away to get fixed so no pictures for a while.

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