February 24, 2007

I cut out all the gussets for the second station 9 rib today. It was probably warm enough to glue today but it has been getting cold pretty quick in the afternoon/evening so I didn't get to glue the rib. If you can't tell, my camera has been on the fritz lately but it will be repaired soon. For now, you still get the idea, even if the pictures aren't perfect.

Jon came over today to work on his rib and fit all the structure to the capstrips.

I wanted to get a head start with pre-bending the capstrips for the next rib I make which will be station 3. While pre-bending the wood, I've been having this problem of the boiled wood not being able to take the bend without splitting just a little bit. So far, if it happened I just used the other end of the capstrip and it didn't split. For this bend, one of the pieces just didn't want to take that bend. I don't think I'm making the bend too steep. I'm just tracing the rib from the plans and then taking the bend a little bit farther down to account for springback but not too far. I'm basically boiling the capstrips for 30-60 minutes before I try to bend them. I guess I'll ask around to see what other people have done. Here you can see the way the capstrip splits a little at the top surface.

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