January 19, 2007

Today, I finally got some 4mm plywood for the center section of the main stabilizer spar plywood backing. There is a local plywood store that has metric finnish birch plywood in 61 inch square sheets in multiple thicknesses. They do deliver, but they have to cut in half. Since I need the diagonal length for 45 degree grain direction on the spars, I needed to go pick it up myself. The drive without traffic is 45 minutes. With Friday afternoon traffic, its double that. Add in the time for me to borrow a car big enough to cart the giant sheet home and the whole ordeal took about 5 hours. Needless to say, I'm extra sick of sitting in traffic right now.

The plywood has the usual stamp and is rated GL-III. There are some knots visible on the outer plies which is probably why it's rated 3 and not 2. I checked with Alfred on this and I'll just avoid using the areas where there are knots and I should be fine.

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