December 22, 2006

It's been a while since I worked on the tail ribs. I forgot how fast wing ribs come together. The pre-bending jig for the capstrips does a wonderful job. I took them out after a couple days of drying in the jig and they fit just great in both the top and bottom of the rib outline, with minimal effort. I won't be needing to make a separate pre-bending jig for the bottom capstrip, at least with this rib. To fit the uprights and diagonals, I eyeball where the cuts will be and mark it with a pencil. When I sand them to size with the sanding disc, I make the fit with trial and error from slightly too big to just right a little at a time. The diagonals are beveled to fit right up against both the uprights and capstrips. It's been rather chilly lately so I may have to wait a little to get a good temperature for gluing.

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