December 17, 2006

My wing wood has now been shipped and will probably arrive Monday or Tuesday. It seemed like an appropriate time to clean up the workshop and get ready for the new wood. I spent some time yesterday preparing the garage.

I've decided to go with the tried and true method for wing rib jigs. Starting with the straightforward wing rib at station 6, I transferred the blueprint to the plywood by punching little holes through the blueprint to the plywood like I did with the tail wing tip bows. I made sure to also punch through the reference line so I could check the measurements of my transferred rib. Since the rib is cambered, there is no true rib centerline so all the blueprint measurements are from a reference line below the rib. In the picture below, the ruler is on the reference line. The transferred rib checked out ok so I connected the dots freehand with an ultra fine point sharpie. My dots were really close together so it was easy to freehand, about one every 10-20 mm. Then I measured out where all the diagonals go and drew them in, making sure the vertical ones were perpendicular to the reference line. I also measured and drew the rib chord line. I tried out putting in the forming blocks along the top capstrip. I used 6 mm tall blocks wide enough not to split when I nailed them down with brads. These capstrips are made from 12 mm tall spruce so I can glue on the plywood gussets while gluing the rib structure with the 6 mm blocks.

I also made a capstrip pre-bending jig for the top capstrip. When I get the wood, I can pre-bend the top one and check to see if I'll need to make a different pre-bending jig for the bottom capstrip, or if the top bending jig will work for the bottom as well. I want to make one full rib with this method before I try streamlining the process to see if anything needs changing.

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