January 3, 2008

Hardware! It was exciting to come home to 5 packages of airplane parts. All of my orders from Aircraft Spruce and Sequoia came in and were waiting for me when I got home from vacation. This was my attempt at having all of the parts I need to assemble the entire tail section of my Falco.

This first picture is the rest of the Sequoia tail hardware kit that I decided was cost efficient for me to buy from Sequoia. The bushings kit is all the bushings for the whole airplane. I separated out the 10 or so that I need for the tail hinges that I'm making. Probably the most expensive thing here was the elevator hinges, but I just couldn't find T-angle without buying 12 feet of it. Maybe if there were other builders for a group buy, but I don't know anybody interested.

Here's the hardware for the tail kit that I bought from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. You can see the pulley and the piano hinge for the trim tab there as well. All that usually comes in the Sequoia tail hardware kit but I got it from AS&S. I also got more angle stock and zinc chromate primer for finishing.

Here is the Sequoia Antenna Kit. I imagine you could find all these parts and order them separately but you may end up spending almost the same amount in the end so I just ordered the kit from Sequoia. Also, I'm not sure you can buy the splitter kit from RST anymore.

And finally, we have the Sequoia Trim Tab kit. I was a little more torn about what to do here. I ended up just buying the whole kit. I think the things that would cost the most in this kit, I would not be able to make on my own. I may have saved a few bucks doing some of it on my own but I decided it wasn't worth it for me. Your milage may vary.

I really need to focus now on making the channel nuts and hinges so I can start assembling the tail. Now that I have the bushings, I've been checking the fit of the bushing holes I've been drilling. My holes are too big so I need to find a better way to drill that hole. I suspect my drill press is too wobbly to make an accurate hole but I still have some things to try. This also means I have to remake a bunch of the pieces I have already made. Oh well...

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