November 6, 2007

Metal! I've never worked with metal before but I thought I'd give it a try. The tail hardware kit from Sequoia is a little pricey and it looked like most of the parts were makable, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Tonight, I went over to to a fellow EAA member's house who is building a zenith zodiak. He had offered to help me out with the first one so I know what to expect and what tools I would need. We tried to make part #752, one of the elevator hinges at the centerline of the tail. It helps hold the elevator control arm.

I drew the part wrong and we had trouble getting the big hole smooth without a reamer but otherwise it looks pretty good. I won't use it though because of the incorrect dimensions. Also, the way it's specified in the blueprint, a washer will not fit on the top without the slope up interfering with it sitting flush. I could grind the washers but I can just get the whole thing right if I do it again. When I make the real ones, I'll make the base a little wider and move the holes out so the washer can sit flat. Pretty practice part!

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