November 5, 2007

Back to the leading edge jig. I've cut the first bevel/taper on the stabilizer and fin leading edges so now I have to make the complimentary jig for the bevel/taper on the other side. First thing was to split the jig board so I could use the other half for the other jig.

Then I cut the bevel without the taper so the leading edges would fit up against the jig when both were flipped over. To get the taper right for this side of the cut, I tapered the flat edge, the one that would sit up against the table saw fence. That way, I don't have to taper the beveled edge. To cut the taper, I made measurements and set the straight edge to the correct slope as a guide for the jig saw. The slope is a little tricky because the wood is also tapered already so you essentially have to double the slope. Pause and think about it for yourself if you have to do this. This method made it really easy to follow a straight slope on the cut. I ran out of time tonight so I'll finish it up later.

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