October 13, 2007

To fill some time and get ready for assembling the tail later on, I worked on some odds and ends that I haven't done yet. I remembered that I haven't shaped the stabilizer and fin leading and trailing edges yet, so that sounded like a good thing to work on to keep moving forward. I started today with the elevator trailing edges. These little bits are really skinny with some small angles so it was kinda tricky to not take off too much and get the correct angles. I'm sure there are many better ways to do this, but this is what I did. I used a powered hand sander to shape the piece. Since it was easier to keep the sander flat, rather than at a constant angle, I put the wood at the angle with these little wedges.

Here are the two elevator trailing edges after both sides were done.

And then with the angles cut and rib stations drawn.

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