November 4, 2006

There's trouble in paradise. I cleaned up the tip bow laminations today, no problem. The lines look good and the shape matches the blueprints.

Then, I went to destroy the test block I made with the tip bow laminations. The first couple blows produced nothing. When the test block split, it split right on the glue line.

From the looks of it, the glue test seems to have failed. Things that I know of that can cause this; not a close fitting glue line, not enough pressure, not hot enough curing temperature, and glue expiration. I was concerned when I read somewhere about the 1 year shelf life of Penacolite Resorcinol, so that's probably the culprit. I tested this batch of glue last September when I first got it. That test was clearly sucessful. I haven't used this glue since last november though, so it's a good thing I ran this test. I'm tempted to try another test block before I throw out the tip bow laminations. I'd rather not, but if I can't get a successful test block, those things are trash.

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