October 21, 2006

I worked on the stabilizer tip and the fin tip molds today. These parts are made by laminating thin strips similar to the fuselage frames. I'm using female molds again like I did before. The fin tip strips are 27 mm wide so I used a 2x6 to make that mold. To draw the shape of the molds on the wood, I used the full scale blueprint and tapped little holes through to the wood. I used to think I would never do this to my beautiful blueprints, but the more I work on these parts, the less the aesthetic of the blueprints matter, as long as I can still read them.

The curve at the front of the tip bows is pretty tight so I'm going to pre-bend the strips. I forgot to wet them before I had the molds ready so I stuck the strips in the tub with hot water and I'll put them in the molds tomorrow to dry.

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