September 4, 2006

I prepared the elevator spar cover today, and glued it to the spar. Because the spar is so long, without the plywood cover it's free to wobble along the length. To ensure that I glued the cover on with the spar accurately aligned I redrew the spar measurements on the plywood cover.

I had the metal L brackets also, in case I needed to pull the spar in line to match the centerline. It turns out I didn't need the L brackets because the glue sufficiently held the spar in place long enough for me to put the weight on top of it. To provide pressure on the spar while the glue was drying, I just put long boards with lots of weight on top of them along the length of the spar, right on top of the table.

I also trimmed the rudder spar cover I glued yesterday and varnished the soon to be enclosed surfaces of the forward fin spar.

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