May 6, 2006

First off, the bad news. I'm getting really busy at work with overtime and then I have a final in my class next Tuesday, followed a week later by the beginning of my 7-week summer time crazy-hard math class. Building time would have been short, even if that was all that was going on. On top of all that loveliness, our landlord gave us 30 days to move out of her house, as she has decided to move back into it. Ah the joys of renting. So it would seem that building may have to take a back seat for about a month or so, while I devote some time to these other activities. I plan to finish up the forward fin spar and then start packing up the workshop.

Now, the good news. We scurried to find a new place to live to get the uncertainty out of the picture. Indeed, we found a place that we all really love and secured it starting in June. The house is a little smaller but the other aspects make it a winner. It has an enormous back yard that our dog, Lani, will consider dog heaven. And for me, it has a garage. I will upgrade from no garage, to a single car garage. I will finally have a bona fide workshop to integrate all my tools and projects. A dedicated space. It's not big enough to allow me to put much structure together, but I can foresee doing the tail and maybe the aileron/flaps. I'm already plotting.

Some more food for thought. My first building post was about a year ago today. So after one year of making parts, where am I? Since I didn't plan out specifically what parts I wanted to have done by when, I'm not ahead or behind where I think I should be. My only goal was that I would have the parts done to enable me to start building the Falco's primary structures when a home garage became available to me. A single car garage doesn't count and most likely I'm a few years away from at least a two car garage, so I'm not in any rush. I've heard of some Falco builders making all the wood parts in a year, so I'm definitely behind that pace.

Today, I laminated the fuselage frame portion of the forward fin spar. I had some nice sun beating down to get my glueline all roasty toasty. This whole process went smoothly with the strips all pre-bent and it was slightly nostalgic mixing up all that resorcinol, or maybe I inhaled too many glue fumes. It's good to know that I have some experiences that I can apply when it's warranted.

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