January 22, 2006

I tried taking out all the staples today. I got them all out, but not without some painful hands afterwards. The cord did a great job and made pulling the staples out of frame #11, easy. It left them all one legged, but then it was easy to get them out. The ribs, on the other hand, not so easy. The capstrips are really thin and the staples are in there way too tight. I couldn't pull the cord and exert enough pressure on the rib without breaking it. I didn't break any of them, but I could tell that I would have. I resorted to the old fashioned way of using pliers. The cord did the job to keep the staples from embedding themselves into the plywood so I had some metal to grab onto, but some of them were still incredibly difficult to get out. Everything glued up nice though and the two little poke holes from each staple is nothing. Sorry, no pictures, my hands hurt.

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