December 17, 2005

So the old table I was working on inside the house was a crappy IKEA leftover. It couldn't take the weight I was putting on it and started sagging in the middle. Obviously I need something a little more heavy duty. I'm going to be working on a lot of ribs on the inside table during the winter, so I decided to make another sturdy worktable. After 8 hours of wood shopping and building, I have a new table (partially).

I didn't get the plywood for the table top and shelf yet so it's a little bare. Although I did get the plywood for making the ribs so I just stuck that on top for now. I wanted really flat nice plywood for this so I got a pretty good sheet of plywood cut up into 2' by 4' sections. One of my rib printouts is laid on there for my full size template.

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