December 15, 2005

The camera I've been using all this time was a hand-me-down from my Dad. I'm not usually a picture taker so I'm not so picky with cameras. It's just nice having something to decently capture all this airplane stuff with.

But now, my Dad bought another camera for himself and I got another hand me down. This thing is amazing. I can take 5 megapixel, 2560x1920 pictures with filesizes over 14 megabytes. It has a 7x optical and 2x digital zoom. If any of that means anything to you, you know it's a damn good camera. It has way more options than I'm sure I'll ever use.

So here's a picture of the new camera, taken by the old one...compared to a picture of the old camera taken by the new one... Old camera, meet new camera.

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