November 21, 2005

Okay so this post isn't in December, but I won't really start working on the tail parts until then.

The tail has arrived! It was slightly easier getting the wood home this time around, partly because I had done it once before and knew what to expect, but partly because the package was slightly smaller and lighter. I took care of obtaining the customs clearance ahead of time and then borrowed a co-worker's large van to transport the package home. The tube is about 12 ft long due to the length of the horizontal stabilizer spars. Lani sniffed along the whole length to see what strange objects I bring home from the hunt. Looks like the shippers didn't see the numerous "fragile" stickers, but the wood was well protected inside by Western Aircraft.

Since I've used almost all the wood for the fuselage parts that don't involve structural assembly, I moved the rest of the fuselage wood up to the top shelf. All that wood on the top shelf will be used later on when I put the fuselage together (when I have a garage). Some of it is extra spruce that I wanted to get out of the way, but not much.

I unpacked the tail wood-to-size kit and went through it all while looking over the blueprints to get a feeling for what's there and when I plan on using it.

Here's the tail wood on the bottom shelf and the stabilizer spar material that doesn't fit on that wall. It doesn't look like much after you separate it all out, just spars and ribs! So I now have about half the wood that will make up my Falco, on these shelves and with the parts I've already made.

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