November 20, 2005

So here's the last lamination for the fuselage section. Good thing we had this lovely november heat wave this past week. I'm glad I've finished the laminating so I can move forward with the tail section wood as soon as it comes. I still have some odds and ends to take care of with the frames and I also need to put the plywood covers where appropriate, but it's a good feeling to be able to begin that wrap-up process with them.

Today, I also cleaned up the frame #6 gluing strip and frame #2 diagonal laminations. For the frame #6 gluing strip, I marked off the shape of the final part and then used the bandsaw and sander to shape the piece. Here is the frame #2 diagonal and the frame #6 gluing strip with marking and after the finishing.

And to top the day off, I glued down the structure for the first frame #8 and joined frame #1. I've been saving frame #1, the firewall, for last due to the complexity of the internal frame structure. I want to spend extra time on measuring everything out and understanding what the structure is for. I'll probably work on that after thanksgiving.

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