November 6, 2005

Just when you think you are making good progress, something goes wrong. Maybe I was just being too comfortable and careless with what I was doing but it's not too big of a deal this time. I cleaned up the laminations of the two halves of the second frame #8 today and then made the scarf cuts to prepare them for joining. The problem was that when I tried to make sure the scarfs fit together, well, they were way off. Both halves were the exact shape of the mold before I made the scarf cuts, so something must have gone wrong with those cuts. Here's a shot of the ill-fitting halves...there should be no gap.

When I marked the scarf cuts there wasn't enough extra length to make the full 200 mm scarf. I marked it so both ends would be short by just 15 mm or so. I figured I try it out just to see if that would work out. The main problem was that the actual cuts did not match my markings. Most likely, I screwed up lining up the start of the cut, which led to an even worse mismatch. The halves aren't even close to fitting together correctly while keeping the frame the right shape. So, I'm going to toss these into the scrap pile and do both laminations over again, not so easy with the colder weather these days. You can bet I'll be more careful making the scarf cuts next time. It's such an important cut to get right due to the amount of work you have to do if you screw it up. I knew this all along, but have avoided screwing it up until this, the last fuselage frame I would have had to do it for, came along. Oh well. I did take an inventory of all the strips I have left for the fuselage laminations and it turns out that even with all my screwups, I have exactly the right number of strips left to still make all the frames, thanks to the fuselage kit from Western Aircraft having so much extra wood come along with the package.

I also joined frame #11 and glued all the structure to frame #9 today.

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