November 2, 2005

Today, I worked on the gussets and bracing for frame #7 and frame #9. It turned out that the wood brace that goes horizontally across frame #9 needed to be longer than the wood supplied in my fuselage wood-to-size kit. There was an extra piece of wood from something else that was long enough but it was 18x20 mm instead of the required 10x15 mm. I didn't really have the tools to let me make this dimension on my table saw, so I got this table saw safety kit thingy from rockler. It allows me to keep my hands and fingers out of the way when cutting thin pieces. It worked great and the dimensions came out right on.

I measured out and marked the sizes of the gussets on the frame and braces and then traced the actual shapes to be cut out of the wood by raising the frame the same height to get under it. I labeled the shapes with a number that I also placed on the frame so I know where they all go. In the picture you can see the piece I was tracing on all of the shapes.

Here's all the shapes cut out and sanded to their exact shape.

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