October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! As a ghostly surprise today, I awoke to sunny skies, oozing warm gluing goodness. I had the prebent strips for the other half of frame #11 ready and loaded in the jig so I was able to glue them together to bake in the warm southern California sun before work.

I also received word over the weekend that my wood-to-size tail kit is ready for shipment. Perfect timing for the colder weather. I'll be able to use the Aerolite glue, which can be used down to 59 degrees F, for making the ribs and spars of the tail section.

I've been thinking about how to make the jigs for the tail ribs a little bit because I was expecting the tail kit to be ready soon. I tested out a method for accurately drawing the ribs so I wouldn't have to draw and measure out each one on wood. I used a CAD program to accurately reproduce the blueprint drawings and then printed it out full size on a large printer available at work. I guess I'm just using the CAD program instead of a ruler and pencil, but this way I know the lines and curves will be accurate and I think it's a little easier this way. I measured the printout and everything matched so I'll use these as patterns to fit the ribs together. If anyone wants these basic CAD files, drop me an email. This is the stabilizer rib #0.

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