October 26, 2005

Frame #2 is only joined at the top. The bottom of the frame leaves room for where the nose gear retracts (I think). In order to help the frame maintain its shape after I joined the top, I added this extra connector thingy from scrap I had laying around to the bottom. I glued it on to the extra length on either side of the gap. I'm not sure if this is a good idea because I don't know if having just one face of the frame connected will bow the sides in that direction. I may add a connector to the other side to even it out, but I don't even know if this is something to worry about. In this picture, you can see the connector I added to the front face at the bottom.

I forgot about these little upper and lower reinforcements on frame #10 so I attached these on with the batch of glue I mixed up to join frame #2. This frame is now complete with the exception of the plywood gussets here and there. When the time comes to assemble the fuselage, other prep will be required for this frame but nothing will be added to it, just taken away (cutouts here and there).

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