October 22, 2005

First thing I did today was join the frame #9 halves together.

The weather is too cold to glue so I didn't get to do that today. I have 5 more gluings to do. All that is left is the second half of frame #8, the second half of frame #11, the frame #6 gluing strip, the frame #6 diagonal, and the frame #2 diagonal (the first lamination I tried that I screwed up on). After that, all the laminations for the fuselage wood kit will be done. I'll still have to add structural pieces and plywood covers to many of the frames, but that won't depend on the weather. Aerolite can be used down to 59 degrees F. Not a problem here in LA.

I had mixed up Aerolite to join frame #9, so I just cut the gussets and brace for frame #10 that I joined last week, and glued them in place. I used the trace method again to get the gussets shaped correctly against the curve of the frame.

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