September 30, 2005

The glue fest continued today and I had plenty of time to glue the first half of frame #9. I recently ordered more resorcinol because I was running low. I just ran out of the first gallon I bought with yesterday's gluing, so it was good timing. I had a lot of extra catalyst powder left over but the glue information sheet says to only use matching shipments so I guess I'll just toss it. The new glue came with much less catalyst powder to start, so they must have sent too much last time.

New batch of glue, new test block. I went ahead and used the new glue before testing the strength of this new batch. I have to wait six days for this test block to cure and then I can test it. If it fails I'll just toss the frames I glue with it and do them over again. It's a very small possibility that the glue will be bad but anything can happen.

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