September 29, 2005

Even warmer today. I left work a little early to glue. Tomorrow is my regular day off so I'll just work a little tomorrow, then come home midday and glue some more. LOVE IT! Mainly, it's nice to feel like I'm making progress when I can. I won't bore you with another picture of another clamped frame. I'll give you a looks a lot like yesterdays but it's the other half (frame #7). Instead, this is a picture of the thermometer I picked up last time I was at a hardware store. Instead of waiting for really hot days, I'll know exactly what the temperature is (+/- 2 degrees F).

That's what I like to see, HOT! Gotta love LA weather (if nothing else). The bottom temperature is the main unit temp which I leave inside (yes, it was 87 degrees inside the house when I took the picture, I just brought it outside for the had reached over a hundred outside during the day). The top temperature is from a remote unit that is placed outside. It transmits the temperature to the main unit to show both in one place. It also has a min/max feature so I can see the range for the day. I should have got this a while ago.

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