September 28, 2005

Just what I needed...a heat wave! I guess September (almost October) is still pretty much summer here anyway. But the extra heat means it's still warm when I get home from work. Today, before I left work I looked up the temperature near my house and it said 90 degrees! I ran outta work and came home to glue the first half of frame #7. Just moving along now, going through the motions. And here's my pooch Lani thinking of a way to make the Falco double as a tennis ball dispenser.

I guess if I want to get the creative juices flowing I can finish up that frame scarfing jig. I used that first mess up frame I did to test the jig that I made and it didn't go so well. I had the angle backwards and was cutting off the side against the fence...not good! That mess up frame will come in handy while testing the jig. I can just cut off the previous short test section until I get it right. I'll probably work on that this weekend so I can dedicate some real time to it.

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