September 17, 2005

Today was very productive. I was able to glue the first half of Frame #2 and got to work preparing the other molds I had previously drawn. After many hours of jigsawing and sanding, I was covered in sawdust head to toe, but I have all of the jigs I've drawn, cut out and sanded to the line. I thought this was important so that whenever I have heat and the opportunity, I'll be able to get these ready really quickly. Maybe I can even get set up to do two frames at once.

By doing many of these frames half at a time, the number of halves I have left to do is quite a bit! I guess there may be other options available to me if the weather doesn't agree with me any more, but I'll worry about that later. I also cleaned up the second half lamination of frame #8. Got a lot done, it was great!

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