September 16, 2005

I was finally home during the day when it was nice and sunny, what should I have done? That's right, glue. I had the frame #8 jig all ready to go since I had recently done the other half of it. I had a little trouble with the electric tape lining on the mold; it really didn't want to cooperate. There isn't really much time to mess around after the glue has already been applied, but I got to settle in where I needed it in time.

I'm getting slightly concerned about the opportunities I'll have for gluing in the upcoming months. It's still really nice in LA but the mornings are much cooler, as are the evenings when I get home from work. Barring any random heat waves, the available times for me to glue will be much less. I still have many half frames left to glue, so I'll need to take advantage of every opportunity I get. Tomorrow I'm planning on spending a lot of time preparing all the other jigs I have so that whenever I have the heat, I'll be able to glue.

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