August 28, 2005

Another beautiful weekend day so I had to glue again. I had to soak the strips for the other half of frame #10 so I worked on a different closed lamination. This one is frame #8. At this location of the fuselage, the plane is designed to be split in two in case you need to move it after completion or if you have space constraints during construction. So there will actually be two frame number 8's to keep the structural integrity at this location. This means I'll have to do this frame twice. The front frame #8 will be a tiny bit larger than the back frame #8 so I'll just add an extra strip of spruce to the front one. The mold I cut out here will be the back frame #8. After I laminate this one I'll sand the mold out a few millimeters and then add an extra strip to do the front frame #8.

I also cleaned up the first half of frame #10 that I laminated yesterday.

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