August 14, 2005

Yesterday I put the bottom brace for frame #6 in the tub and held it under water for about 24 hours. The tips needed to be raised up from the middle by 42 mm. It was really stiff when it was dry and I only risked trying about halfway before I didn't want to try any more. I used some blocks strategically positioned and screwed to the backing board in the middle and on the tips of the brace in order to hold the soaked brace in a curved position. I also over bent the brace quite a bit (almost doubled the distance at the tip for the needed bend) to account for spring back once the pressure is released. I'll let it dry there for a couple days.

I started setting things up and marking the upper parts of the frame while the bottom is drying. Here's a picture of the method I'm using to make sure the "antlers" for this frame will be in the right position. I just mark the location of the brace below the horizontal centerline, mark the location of the antler where it attaches to the brace, and then mark how far out from the vertical centerline the antler is supposed to go (which will determine how the bottom of the antler should be angled).

I used the trace method again for the gussets after I set up the antlers and other cross braces. This is a really easy way to get good fitting gussets.

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