August 9, 2005

I took the final today for that math class so I had to celebrate afterwards by getting a good amount done on the plane parts. First I wanted to clean up the laminated top part of frame #4 that I did over the weekend. The bottom side of the glued frame was a total mess as usual because I can't get under there to scrape away the excess glue.

But I realized I now have a belt sander. I just flipped that thing on and ran over both sides of the glued frame until they were flat. I didn't take any wood off this way, I just leveled the surfaces. No more tedious filing and blisters. There was quite a bit of formaldehyde based glue dust flying around so I made sure to have good breathing protection. This made cleaning up the frame a snap. After it was leveled, I used the electric plane to get it down to the right width. Here's the cleaned up frame.

After that I finished up the last couple gussets for frame #5 and laid the entire frame out on the jig backboard I have the centerlines drawn on. I planned out how I was going to put pressure on all the joints and glued it up right before bed. Here's a shot of the setup.

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