August 6, 2005

I laminated the top half of frame #4 today and did some table saw work for the structure of frame #6. Frame #6 is fairly complex with a lot of structure and eventually many mechanical parts will be mounted directly to it. It will be clearer when I have all the pieces cut for it and laid out. Here's a shot of Frame #4 top drying.

I've switched to using a different method for cutting out these little shaped gussets. Before, I had been guessing and then tweaking on the shape of the gusset against the curved surface and also cutting small squares and then shaping the gussets out of those. Now I trace the exact shape of where the gusset is supposed to fit right on a larger piece of spruce and cut it right out of that so I don't have this tiny piece I'm trying to shape. This method has really cut the time down on making them and they always have a good fit. Some of the little things about woodworking that I learn along the way.

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