August 4, 2005

I got back from Oshkosh last friday and went to a wedding over the weekend, so I came back to quite a bit of catch up to do in my math class. I finally found a break in the action to give a little update before the final on Tuesday.

Basically I had a great time out in Wisconson. Everything was amazing, so amazing, it beats the greatness of aviation right into you until you're comfortably numb. So many planes, so many pilots, so many gadgets, so much walking. The airshows were breathtaking, I really enjoyed them. The best part of it all though was exactly the main reason I went in the first place. I met many other Falco builders or owners and had almost a dozen finished Falco's to admire. All the builders I met were extremely nice and willing to put up with all my newbie questions. The Falco is such a beatiful airplane, pictures really don't do it justice. Walking around the homebuilt airplane parking area, it was perfectly clear to me that I made the right choice for me of which airplane to build. The falco is a complete blend of beauty and performance for its design. With many of them parked side by side, the differences between them were more obvious. Little things here and there mostly. Things you can only tell if you're standing only a couple feet away from one. Each builder leaves his own mark on his airplane. Anyway, here are some pictures from the week.

Sir Richard Branson and Paul Whitehorn, singlehandedly financing the future.

Falco alley.

This is Doug Henson's Falco, it won the Grand Champion, Plans Built award.

Bob Brantley and I conversing about his Falco on the left.

Duane Root's recently completed Falco. It won a Bronze Lindy award.

Falco people gathering round the sunlit cowling.

I'm daydreaming and inspecting.

My Dad and I at the Falco Builder's Dinner
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