July 20, 2005

There are a couple lamination odds and ends I didn't already draw. They are mainly smaller laminations like the frame #5 lamination I just finished. This one is similar to those but it's for frame #6. Same idea as frame #5 but these are a little bit longer. I just drew this on an appropriately shaped extra piece of plywood I had lying around. I seem to have more and more scraps of extra wood lying around as time goes by. I don't want to throw any of it away because I just know someday I'll need some piece of scrap for something or other. Instead of drawing both sides of the frame #6 laminations, I'll just cut this out and sand it to the line, then trace the shape on another piece of plywood to make the other one since they are just a mirror image of each other.

The other smaller laminations I haven't drawn yet, but would like to hammer out and get out of the way, include fuselage frame odds and ends like the frame #6 diagonal (similar to the frame #2 diagonal) and the frame #6 gluing strip lamination (a small laminated curve attached to frame #6 to help glue other fuselage structure to it).

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