July 14, 2005

Over the past few days, when I've had a spare minute, I've been preparing and thinking about gluing the top and bottom half of frame #3 together. Tonight I finally got to it. The things I really wanted to make sure of were to get the shape of the frame right as well as the horizontal and vertical center lines to be accurate.

First thing I did was draw the horizontal and vertical center lines on the backboard as accurately as possible. This would allow me to line up the jig as well as both the top and bottom halves of frame #3 to ensure everything was lined up properly for permanent placement. I used the bottom jig mold to make sure the shape and dimensions of the joined frame were correct. I aligned it and screwed it down to the backboard so I could clamp to it while gluing.

After a trial fit, everything looked good and all the centerlines lined up perfectly. I kept the bottom half clamped to the jig to hold it in place while I clamped the top half where the glue joints would be. It was also important to make sure both halves were flat so the frame would be vertically aligned.

I mixed up a tiny bit of Aerolite and duplicated the same trial process to glue the frames together. I'll leave everything clamped together for a few days to make sure the wood stays in the right shape. I had to stretch the top half out a few millimeters to get it to match the bottom half so I really want to be sure it won't constrict again. Here are a couple shots of the joined frame #3.

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