July 9, 2005

Again, first thing I did after I woke up this morning was check out the frame I glued yesterday. Everything looked OK. The bottom side of the lamination was a huge mess again. Cleaning up the top side is simple because I can clean off that side before it hardens but I'll have to figure something out for the bottom side. It's a real nightmare trying to file away so much dried glue....more blisters. Maybe I just have pansy hands. Here's the obligatory shot of the cleaned up frame

I also cut out the bracing and gussets with the table saw for the structure of the frame I cleaned up today. It's just the preliminary work. I still have to shape these pieces and lay them out with the frame back in the jig. After I get the structure glued in there I can glue the top half of the frame to the bottom half....in due time.

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