July 4, 2005

First thing I did when I got up this morning was check to see if the lamination was messed up because of the thin mold I had used. I took it out and everything looked fine, thank goodness. I didn't want to have to redraw all those frames on thicker plywood.

I took the mess out to the shed to clean up the glue and plane the surfaces. The underside of the laminated frame was a huge mess. It took a ton of elbow grease to level all the dried glue globs with the file. I got a nasty blister out of that. The top side was easy to level because I cleaned up the semi-dry glue right after I clamped everything yesterday, leaving not much to file away. A couple laps with the electric planer and I was able to inspect the glue lines. Everything looked good except my cardboard protective pads didn't seem to do the job I was hoping they would do. There were still dents on the inner strip of spruce, especially around the curve. It's not too big of a deal but I'll have to try something else next time...perhaps double up the cardboard.

Later on I was measuring the finished frame and it seemed to be a little off. I realized that the open ends of the frame had constricted in a little after I removed it from the jig leaving the frame not as wide as it should be by a few millimeters. I might try to clamp it to the correct width for a few days to get it to back to the right shape unless I can think of a better idea. Here's a shot of the finished frame.

Oh, and by the way, U-S-A...U-S-A...U-S-A...happy Fourth of July everyone!

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