June 29, 2005

I needed to get the fuselage wood that was in the attic out so I could add the bracing to the frame I finished (frame #4 bottom). I decided to make some shelves so I could keep all the wood accessible in the future. The best wall I found for this was in the bedroom...so now the bedroom smells like wonderful spruce. I put these up yesterday.

Tonight I pulled out all the wood and put it on the shelves.

The top shelf is wood that I won't need until I assemble the fuselage structure. The bottom shelf has wood that will be used for making the fuselage frames. Some of the wood on the bottom shelf is also for fuselage structure assembly but was bundled with the fuselage frame wood.

Now that I have the frame #4 bracing and gusset wood out, I measured their positions and marked them for cutting. I marked them conservatively and will sand them to the final fit. I'll wait to add the gussets until the bracing is glued on to ensure a good fit. I'll be using the Aerolite glue to attach the bracing and gussets.

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