June 24, 2005

Since I have every other Friday off and today was one of them, plus it was an absolutely beautiful day, I was all set to try the gluing process again. I got a large tarp to protect the tile this time, hopefully saving me pain and agony.

This frame is 35 mm thick so I needed 12 strips. Multiply by 7 feet for each strip and I get 84 strip feet. So I mixed 4 times that number of grams of resin, 350g (a little extra to be sure), with the required 70g of catalyst. Then I went to work painting the strips with glue. It's a lot of work painting 7 feet strips 11 times, I can't wait until these strips are 10 feet long as for some of the frames. You have to be quick but be sure you get enough glue on them.

I had a pretty good system with the mess this time. I was prepared. I put on two pairs of gloves. First pair to put the glue-laden strips in the frame. Then I shed those and had the clean pair underneath to do the clamping. I held down the strips firmly with the palm of my left hand and screwed the clamp on with my right. I used my left hand fingers to keep the clamp in position while I was tightening them on. It worked beautifully and in no time I had all the clamps on with all the strips flat against the spacers and right up against the mold. Here are some shots right after I finished. I had already scraped the top of the frame with that putty knife to take care of the glue that had squeezed out. It will save me time when I clean the frame up.

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