May 8, 2005

This weekend I went with my girlfriend to her parents' house for motherís day. I was able to work on some frames during the weekend and finished drawing some Ĺ inch frames. The drawing process is exacting work but I want to be really accurate.

After reading so much and thinking about things theoretically, itís nice (and scary) doing actual layout that will affect the finished product, even if these frames will be sanded to shape when the fuselage is assembled. I'm guessing I will get used to that feeling. It's a little hard to see but two frames are drawn on this one. Frames 2 and 11. My wonderful golden, Lani, was posing for me as I took the picture.

Iím definitely in love with the Starrett rules I purchased even though they did cost me an arm and a leg. I've found a good way to keep things square and accurate is to ensure 90 degree angles with the combination square head and measuring the distances from the centerline all along where the line will be drawn. You also have to remember that the line you draw has a thickness to account for.

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