May 5, 2005

The fuselage frames are assembled by gluing together thin strips of spruce in the shape of the frame being built. The thin strips of spruce are oriented so the grain direction of all the strips, are the same. This is called a lamination. The first step to assembling the fuselage frames is to create jigs to ensure the laminations conform to the shape of the frame you are making. The jigs I am building are female molds so the lamination fits on the inside of the jig.

I previously made an Excel file with all the shapes of every fuselage form plotted in graphs.

First thing I need to do is transfer these points onto ¾ or ½ inch plywood. After that I will cut out the center and sand to the final shape for the female mold. Today, I finished drawing the first ¾ inch shape for frame 8. Here’s a shot I took while I was still plotting out points.

And here's the same picture after I inverted it. I think you can see the shape a little better.

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