November 29, 2014

I finally finished my scarfing jig. Taking a suggestion from the manual and looking it up in the Tony Bingelis book, I used my table saw as the base for this scarfing jig. The motor is a 1/2 hp, 3450 rpm, high or low voltage motor. I wired in a switch and mounted it as shown in the pictures. I had to drill one extra hole in the table saw side but otherwise used what was already there. The turnbuckle allows me to carefully set the angle. The height was a bit tricky to get right but I just sanded the blocks until it worked out. Now I'll be able to quickly and reliably make good scarf cuts. About time!

The turnbuckle underneath allows me to set the angle pretty accurately.

The angle set for a 15-1 scarf.

Here's a test piece that was run through once. When I scarf a real piece, it will be nailed to a piece of wood that slides through the slot on the top of the table saw.

I also started varnishing the inside of the stabilizer structure. It's been a little too cold for the epoxy I'm using so I haven't made too much progress here yet.

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