September 28, 2014

After many nights of sanding, work trips and Falco fly-in's, I finally finished shaping the horizontal stabilizer. Shaping the leading edge took a while and I made a little template from the blueprints at each rib station to guide the sanding.

To shape the spar to the rib profile, I made some basic measurements from the blueprints and marked the spar to where it needed to be sanded. I started off with the electric hand sander, then finished it off with the long bar permagrit sander.

Some images of the nicely float sanded structure.

And here are some bonus pictures I took from the recent West Coast Falco Fly-in in Cody, Wyoming. Really beautiful countryside.

The next one of Doug's plane was taken in the morning when you can still see the condensation over the underlying wood structure, pretty cool.

Duane heading out.

Beautiful panorama of the landscape.

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