August 4, 2014

I've worked out all the trim tab steps now. Some twists and turns along the way but nothing too tough. Here's the careful cut line around the trim tab. Using a dremel with a cutting wheel, I was pretty careful checking that I was cutting in the right place and used the builder manual method of cutting through one side then drilling with a small bit through to the other side to help mark the line on that other side.

Once I was through the skin all around, I had to get through the temporary holding blocks installed when the elevator was built up. This proved a bit tough because I didn't really have a great tool for this cut. I worked through it using a thin hobby saw but it had some issues so I ended up switching to a dremel mounted jig saw. A regular jig saw would work better for this, as would a thin all the way around hobby saw. The trim tab and elevator were then sanded smooth all around.

I got some appropriate hinge stock from AS&S and cut out some hinges making sure to keep some extra length in the hinge pin, then drilled some holes for the screws. Here one is pre-holes.

To install the hinges, I used the "instant glue the tape together" method. I kept the pins installed so the placement of the trim tab would remain constant relative to the hinges, then took the pins out to drill the 3/32" pilot holes. Centering the pilot holes is important for keeping the alignment once you screw the hinges in. I had to use this drill bit extension and hex bit to drill the holes near the edge of the trim tab.

Then I installed the trim tab control equipment. Looks good!

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