July 27, 2014

I'm back! After a much needed, long vacation and a backyard remodel, things are settling down once again. I continued on from where I left off, finishing up the final elevator steps. I finished prepping the skin cutout I made in the elevator and cut out, scarfed and varnished the replacement skin.

I glued it down, making sure to use the straight edge along the trailing edge to keep it straight.

Then I finished the prep on the inner elevator fairings and varnished them. I worried a bit about the best way to glue them down but it worked out pretty well and held a good shape.

With that finally finished, taking a note from Doug Henson's Falco, I trimmed the elevator trailing edge and sanded it round so it's not such a blunt end of the wing.

So I finally got to cut out the elevator leading edge cap strip at the hinge locations and check to make sure everything was still aligned. The elevator hinges took a little jostling to get on the bolts but once everything was attached on both ends, the hinge bolts went on easy and the elevator rotates easily. Looking good! There's some final trim tab work, then it's back to the stabilizer, time to float sand!

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